pretty rock pool

pretty rock pool

bent perspective images

our images are designed to capture simple scenery that you might otherwise walk straight past - and transform it into works of art that are so captivating you feel you could walk right into them.

whilst i've recently been advised by the australian institute of professional photographers that i 'can't take pictures like this' if i want to be recognised as a professional, being told what i can and can't do is something i've never got used to! if the price of belonging is conformity, then i guess i'll have to settle with taking and sharing beautiful images - and bugger being recognised!

when i decided to concentrate on taking landscape images, i wanted to do something different from every other landscape photographer. indeed, as i've been advised that the images here aren't landscape images, i've decided to create a 'new' category of #impressionistlandscape images - for all of us who choose not to respect the conventional horizontal/vertical 'rules' that have been used since time immemorial.

when i look through a lens, i shift the horizontal and vertical angles of the camera until i can emphasise the element(s) that i want to highlight. this often means that the normal 'disciplines' of landscape photography aren't adhered to - but i want to create the image i see - not the image everyone else would capture by obeying the rules. clearly, you can decide whether or not you like what you see!

but there is another aspect to shifting the normal axes of an image.. and it is based on the physiology of the human body. our eyes are capable of consuming about 60% of the brain's energy when they are working at full capacity, so the brain (wisely) switches them into 'pattern recognition mode' most of the time. this means that we usually only really glance at things - as there's no requirement to look!

by bending the horizontal and/or vertical axes when capturing images, we aim to confront the brain with something it doesn't recognise. as a result, the brain switches the eyes fully on - and the beauty that may otherwise have been missed becomes all too obvious!

images are displayed in the various 'collections', exhibition prints are displayed in 'exhibitions' and the 'own your own' section. we only ever make one print of an image available for purchase and we predominantly print on canvas in sizes from 50" x 60" upwards. all prints are signed, registered in our database and come with certificates of authenticity and a unique catalogue number.

prints already produced are shown in the 'own your own' section. if you would like a quote for any image you find here, contact us and we'll let you know whether it is still available - and then discuss size and media with you. if there's a print that you simply have to own, but aren’t sure whether you can afford, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do - our aim is to spread the joy as far as possible!




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