simon out on the job..

lead photographer

simon bailey started taking photographs as a freelance photographer in the late 1970's. most of his work involved fashion and motorsport.

30 years as a corporate executive, turnaround specialist and strategist followed. during these years he got out to take photographs when time allowed, but there was really no opportunity to focus on compiling images or exhibiting them.

simon has now extracted himself from a full-time career, but still owns a couple of businesses. so there is now finally time to start work on creating images for people who appreciate natural beauty - and want something special to hang in their living or work space.

the art world has long provided an avenue for investment - and delivered good returns to investors. this has not always been the case with photography and that is something that we are very focused on! 

just as with original works of art, we will only ever sell one print of an image. If you're interested in owning one of these beautiful images, look in the 'own your own' section and please don't hesitate to contact us.