FRAMING - Graphic Impressions Hawthorn

Graphic Impressions Hawthorn do all of the custom framing for bent perspective images. they first set up shop in hawthorn more than 30 years ago. 

they frame prints, paintings and posters for photographers, artists and anyone who wants their favourite images to look their best!

when we went looking for someone to help us frame prints for our first exhibition, we wanted to find someone who was passionate about their work, really knowledgeable and could make our images look the way they ought to. from start to finish Mel and Trinidad were simply fantastic! not only are they the nicest people to deal with, but their skill in deciding on a perfect framing approach - and materials - meant we got to see the prints light up the way we hoped they could.

if you're looking for someone who will share their knowledge, listen carefully while you tell them what you do and then work with you every step of the way to make sure you get a great result, look no further!


PRINTING - Bond Imaging -

Bond Imaging was established in 1970 as one of the first professional labs in australia, providing specialist photographic services to imaging professionals.

we first got in touch with them at the recommendation of Mel at Graphic Impressions Hawthorn, when we were talking about who would be best to create the prints for our exhibition.

the process of getting information about their services and setting up an account was simple, easy - and Sharon even made it enjoyable! Mark came out with swatches and to talk about what they did within a week of contacting them. Doug was a font of wisdom with respect to making sure we got the images to them the right way - including explaining stuff we just didn't understand. everyone at Bond Imaging has bent over backwards to make sure that working with them is a joy.

equally importantly, from workflow to consistent fantastic quality and logistics to die for, working with Bond Imaging has been a pleasure. their 'OnDemand Pro' online tool makes uploading and ordering prints simple and swift. no matter what we ask for, we get prints EXACTLY as we have seen them on screen here back every time - and so fast we usually can't believe it. when you add their really competitive pricing, you'd be crazy to look elsewhere for any printing you need done.



Image Science was started in 2002 by a photographer (Jeremy) to supply photographers with the ever-growing range of supplies and services that fit around the world of digital photography.

we first came into contact with Image Science when we decided that a new Eizo screen was becoming a necessity. I spoke with Joanne who made sure I had all the information I needed to make a good decision and then kept us informed leading up to delivery. lots of communication followed this first purchase, making us feel very welcome and in good hands!

since then, we've ordered paper, custom printer profiles and a range of supplies from Elisa and Joanne - and even had a call from Jeremy just to check in with us once we'd got moving with the amazing new screen.

it is pretty rare to have a business take such an interest in a new customer, the type of work they do and the challenges they might face. there's a wealth of really helpful information available on their website - and always a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the end of the phone if you call. try them for yourself - just great!